Student Project: Pawprint

Pawprint was done in the spring of 2020. Our assignment was to create a campaign that solves a real-world problem. Essentially, it was an assignment to show how we can use our design skills to solve a problem. As a pet owner and an environmental activist, it was my goal to combine those personal passions. I thought of a business idea, which is a pet store that focuses on selling sustainable pet products. There are low waste food stores where customers can bring a refillable container and weigh out the product and pay per pound, and that is essentially what Pawprint does but with pet food.

For this project I created five deliverables, which visualize how we use design in our campaigns. Within the pdf viewer below are the five deliverables which are the brands identity, website mockups, online advertising, outdoor advertising, and an in store signage system.

The branding identity shows the fundamentals of the identity such as the typefaces used along with the brand colors. Additionally, there are mockups of a biodegradable business card, email template design, and a logo application onto an employee apron. The business’s concept is sustainability so making a traditional a traditional business card and letter head did not align with the concept which is why the business card would be made of seed paper that you can plant and the email template replaces the need for paper letters or envelopes.

Every business should have a website, especially a store. The website contains information on the stores mission and beliefs, along with an about page for the stores staff so that customers can built a connection to the staff, making them more likely to become regulars. The stores products, brands, prices, and much more are also displayed in the website so that customers can check the inventory of items and prices.

Just as every business should have a website, it is also equally important to have a social media presence. The online advertising elements are a social media avatar and banner, along with an ad. This ad can be displayed as a four paged static ad, but I had the extra time and made it into an animated ad. Having animated ads grab the audience’s attention more than a static image and they are more likely to interact with the ad and visit the website.

The outdoor advertising is specifically targeted towards dog owners. A large majority of pet owners are dog owners, and dog supplies are the most common produced pet trash. The outdoor advertising is a bench made of recycled materials and a dog waste bag dispenser. Both are located in a heavily trafficed dog park. Both advertisements focus on reducing waste and direct the viewer to check out the store’s website.

Lastly is the signage system. Every store has some form of signage and in my personal experience this signage is plastic and usually only used for a short amount of time and then is thrown away. This process did not align with the sustainable focus, so I came up with the idea to have all store signage be chalkboards. With having chalkboards comes a lack of control for the design on them which lead me to create a system of how the signs should look. This system contains examples of what the hand lettering should look like, what color of chalk to use and when, and example drawing that can be added to give the sign more visual interest.