Student Project: All That Mumbo Gumbo

All That Mumbo Gumbo is a project from the Fall of 2019. We were tasked with the creation of our own food truck concept, menu, to go items, and the trucks appearance. I created a gumbo “truck” because I grew up eating Cajun food since my mother grew up in New Orleans and it’s my go to comfort food. The “truck” is a streetcar which are very common in New Orleans. The idea is that the streetcar has been converted into a food serving vehicle. Half of the streetcar is the kitchen and the other half is a dining section. Gumbo is traditionally meant to be eaten in a social setting, so incorporating a dinning section was a must. The colors and overall design style represent the culture and common styles of New Orleans. I kept my menu small and simple and attempted to cater to a wide population by giving vegans and vegetarians an option. There is also an option for people with shellfish allergies, and of course there is a classic gumbo with all the fixings.